Celebrate National Coffee Day, it's September 29

Coffee is that one constant that we have in our lives. It opens our eyes in the morning, picks us up in the middle of the day (iced, of course) and caps off a delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant. Although I celebrate coffee every day (you probably do too), September 29 is officially known as National Coffee Day! Coffee companies like Einstein Bagels are celebrating all week long but not so shockingly some of my favorite coffee combinations involve cordials:

The Frangelico Truffle  –  Cheers!

1 oz Frangelico
1 oz SKYY vodka
.75 oz espresso

Shake with ice and serve chilled up in a cocktail or martini glass. Dust with dark chocolate shavings.

The Coffee Kiss  –  for the non-coffee drinkers

2 oz CAMUS VSOP (or VS)
1 oz Irish Cream
Garnish : Ground coffee

Pour directly into glass filled with rocks. Sprinkle ground coffee on top.

The Evening Flourish – Congratulations on a successful night!

3 cups strong hot coffee
Seeds from 3 cardamom pods
4 tablespoons Flor de CaƱa  7 YO rum
4 teaspoons sugar

Warm the rum with the cardamom and the sugar. Add the hot coffee and serve.

How do you plan of celebrating National Coffee Day??
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