Social Media Command Center Activates for RNC

As a social media marketer and a huge nerd, I am excited about the advances in social media and technology that will be in place for this election year. Four years ago is a lifetime in social media and I have even noticed a difference in connection from two years ago with the political campaigns that I have picked up this year.
I am excited that they have picked our state as the home to the host the Republican National Convention in Tampa. I feel that this is the first year ever that I will actively watch, it is just more interesting to me at this stage of my life. While I have watched NASCAR races and football games on Twitter and know to stay the hell off Facebook during any season finale of any show I like-I am looking forward to seeing the different ways the Presidential election will play on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Read below about the exciting new initiative that Tampa Bay & Company is bringing to the RNC!

Groundbreaking Initiative Shares Local Stories with Millions

TAMPA, FL – August 23, 2012 – Tampa Bay & Company is establishing a groundbreaking initiative for political conventions – a Social Media Command Center (SMCC).  The SMCC will activate the week of the 2012 Republican National Convention (RNC) and provide an opportunity to help tell the region’s rich story and engage in social media conversation.

Staffed by a team of 50 social media and destination experts, nicknamed The Herd, the SMCC will interact with social media users across various platforms to answer questions, relay information and join the social chatter surrounding the RNC.

An interactive “Social Media Hub” has been created, which online users can access at The Hub will compile posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media outlets using the hashtag #TampaBay. The Hub also will allow users to post questions, reply to other posts and engage in the conversation about Tampa Bay surrounding the RNC.

“We know that millions of conversations will be happening throughout the Republican National Convention, and this is our opportunity to share our stories on a local, national and international level,” said President/CEO of Tampa Bay & Company Kelly Miller. “We also want to enhance our visitors’ experiences, show them our famous hospitality and preserve Tampa Bay’s image and perception as a dynamic, diverse and driven destination.”

The SMCC will be located in the Channelside District at St. Leo University, just minutes from the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the convention will be held. It will feature large-screen monitors and computer stations for The Herd to use during the convention.

The SMCC represents one tactic in Tampa Bay & Company’s new leading-edge online marketing strategy. In addition to the SMCC and Social Media Hub, the company launched a redesigned website, including a new look and feel for its mobile website,

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