Martha Stewart-Keynote and Inspiration At BlogHer 12

I am slowly rolling out my time at BlogHer12. I have a lot to say and I am trying to get it all out in a concise manner As exciting as the BlogHer12 conference was at face value (like minded individuals, conference held in NYC), the more details that were released the more excited I became. The special guests were being released and to my delight, Martha Stewart was added as one of the keynotes.

What's great about Martha is well, what is NOT great about Martha. She is crafty, she is a business women, she is an entrepreneur, she makes kick ass waffle weave blankets...(I digress), she lets her daughter make fun of her...(I LOVED Whatever, Martha), she has magazines, she is more proficient on social media in her 70's than most of my friends (check out how she connects with her fans on Twitter)...and basically just someone to be inspired by, no matter what your goal in life is.

OH!! Have I mentioned her awesome new line of office products! My favorite color combos!

You go to these events to learn, to take away and to become better than you were when you sat down.

Thanks to the wonderful people at BlogHer, I am blissfully borrowing parts of the transcripts that inspired me:

It’s about keeping curiosity, hard work ethic. I like to learn something new every day. I learn by many different methods.

I would want it to be on modern culture. We are sitting here live, this is modern culture. So much has changed drastically in the last 20 years. I think about it a lot -- are we as productive as we once were? Can we be that way? Are we spending our time the way we should?

Encouragement would be one thing. Be encouraged by your mentors. My father always encouraged me. That's the best thing you can do to any young person, giving the confidence to follow their talent, abilities. Encouragement is the best.

To be honest, I never spent a bunch of time thinking how inspiring Martha Stewart is. I was thankful to hear her speak. I can't wait to read her magazines and see her new show on PBS-this fall it is Martha Stewart Cooking School. It will teach you how to cook and breaks down the how-to. Martha says it is also good for people who already know how to cook but might want a refresher.

Check out the promo:

If that wasn't enough, Martha is checking out our blogs. She is smart and she gets it. And that makes me a forever fan.

Check out my Brite with Martha-

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  1. Great review on Martha. I am loving the digital magazines we got and am obsessed with Everyday Food!

  2. I have to download the magazines! I have been a fan for so long. I am amazed at how much she can do when she sets her mind to it, and found her to be very inspirational. Children are the future and I agree that you need to encourage them. She was very witty and personable. I can't wait for her show. I loved her original show and the ones she did solo, where instruction was the main focus. She is a great teacher.