Kicking it with the Rockettes

Who goes to a world famous BlogHer blogging conference and then doesn't blog in a week?? This girl!  I have so many things to tell you about, I have no idea where to begin. It is the safest to give you a play by play of something I will remember the rest of my life. As this conference began to take shape, it was incredibly clear that there were going to be offered a bunch of extra curricular activities that were a bonus to be an attendee. Right away, we signed up for the 5K because how cool would that be? And then we saw this:

How do I say this without being dramatic? This may be a lifelong dream come true? All the blood left my body when I saw it? I couldn't breathe for about five minutes? Whatever the case, the 5K was off and this was ON. Had a feeling that there would be a little bit of interest so we really patiently waited for the opportunity to get in....and by that I mean we stalked all outlets and people for the chance to sign up. Finally, I saw that the the link went up and signed us both up and prayed. On Sunday, the day before I left I received a note from Erin at BlogHer:

 Thank you for signing up for the Rockettes event on Friday, August 3rd, at 7am, at Radio City Music Hall! This email confirms your space at this event. We can't wait to see you there!

We received a large number of sign-ups for this event, so if your plans change, please do let us know, so that we may fill your spot.

You can imagine our excitement and with one day left at home, a mad rush began for outfit selection as we patiently waited for Friday for what was sure to be a lifetime experience. I am sad to say that my partner in crime was sidelined with a terrible funk and had to leave...I have been trying to downplay this event because I didn't want to make her feel bad but I think she knows that this it was the greatest experience for any girl who has spent a minute in ballet and tap and jazz...and especially for the girl who cries every time the Rockettes are on TV. 

How gorgeous at 6:30am

These gorgeous Girls meet you as you enter 
When we were waiting in the Rockettes green room, I was looking on Instagram and saw that Jenny from Jenny on the Spot was there too. I have been following her for a while and was looking forward to meeting her. When I introduced myself to her, Lyz who is also my Twitter friend was like you are Little Blog Dress? and introduced herself to me. Fun to meet my Twitter friends in person! There was one other girl who recognized my name too but at this point the blood was whooshing in and out and I don't remember who she was! (I am sorry) We were seconds away from dancing with the Rockettes! If you look on the Rockettes website, our classes were held where they rehearse and audition.

This is the floor where little girl lifelong dreams come true
The first thing we did was create a line up that would be similar to the real thing. The tallest girls go in the middle and fan out to the shortest. As a requirement, all Rockettes must be between the height of 5'6"-5'10". When you fan out like this, it looks like from the audience that they are all same height. You then stand on your line according to your number. Mine was nine, which is my lucky number.

Melissa and Lindsey were our Rockettes. They were adorable and funny and really good sports to come show us their awesomeness so early in the morning. 

Thank you 
This is me on the far left grinning like a moron. I dont think the smile ever left my face. P.S. I cried inwardly twice (no one saw, I promise). Yes, you would too. It was very overwhelming, to say the least.

We learned how to do the Wooden Soldier, and how to link up without falling over to do your kicks. We then learned the last part of their Christmas Spectacular ending with some famous eye level kicks. I could go on and on. But,I really want to thank Pfizer, the makers of Centrum and Caltrate who were amazing enough to sponsor this opportunity. We also received some products from them that I can't wait to try: Caltrate 600+D and Centrum Pro Nutrients Omega3 

Here are my pictures using a new kick butt app called Britely...I will be telling you about them soon!

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  1. So cool. My daughter is an Erin who works at BlogHer but I'm guessing it was a different Erin who emailed you. She also had a blast!

  2. Love it. I am glad to finally hear about it other than "it was the most awesome experience of my life"! It wouldn't have made me sad! Saddened I had a different kind of experience at Radio City, but hey!

  3. I was too shy and too ackward to try and get a spot. I am not Rockette material even for the day...I barely make 5 ft! I am so glad to hear how much fun it was and that a dream came true for you..That is awesome. I can see in your pictures how happy it made you and that is the best!

    1. Im sorry we didnt get to get to meet at BlogHer. Thank you for always commenting!!!