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As previously mentioned, a million times-I am a lifelong fan of The Today Show, it is just something that has been a constant my entire life. As some cohosts have come and gone, one of my favorites was Katie Couric...she just was incredibly relatable, honest and open. When I found out she was speaking at BlogHer12, I was really excited!

Katie has a lot going on! She has a new show starting in September-a talk show titled Katie.

Have you seen her  promo??

She truly is this adorable in person, She came to BlogHer looking like a million dollars (she credits spinning) and had a honest conversation with us about where she has been and where she is going.

Some takeaways: (thanks to BlogHer for the transcript)

On dominating Daytime television- I'm very excited, I don't know if I want to be the daytime dominatrix or not, but, I’m very excited, I'm trying to get the best of people, trying to deliver really useful information is great. The idea of being able to talk to news maker, celebrity, is exciting. I want it to feel like a community, like BlogHer has a community. I think a lot of subjects are being short changed.

I have really smart friends that are interesting, curious, and sometimes I feel like they are not being served. I think there is always room for more smart conversations. The idea of flexing my muscles and being able to talk to people like Hilary Clinton, post-traumatic stress, and whether we are serving our veterans like we really should be are all important conversations. And fun stuff too.

On her new theme song (written by Sheryl Crow):Our theme song was written by Sheryl crow and I reached out to her and we sat down and talked about what the show would be about the kind of environment, theme we wanted to create, and I am thrilled we were able to.

On Social Media: I really want social media to be part of this new show. We created a website, we want people to really engage. We are going to have two seats for female bloggers at every show. We want to hear from their community. We want to have input from them, and hear from them some of the things they are doing. And this is an incredible resource for us. We used to hear stuff before, comments about my hair, and it's just a great way to get instant feedback. We are doing the show at 2 pm, and we will solicit questions from people on Facebook and twitter. And I tried this at CBS, but sometimes traditional media is slow to get it.

That is really exciting development for the blogging community. To have it embraced on such a great platform is pretty huge. Believe it or not, this whole blogging thing isn't understood by all, looked at as a hobby...people actually ask me if I am still doing "that blogger thing" So this recognition and involvement from bloggers by the Katie team is applauded.

A side note, one of the few things that I didn't love about BlogHer12 is that some of the speakers and peanut gallery comments were extremely democratically leaning. I appreciated the most when Katie was asked about the Sarah Palin interview, she answered it eloquently and diplomatically as possible and kept the political angle out of it.

If that wasn't enough her Stand Up to Cancer Event is the same week as her debut! That is the epitome of superwomen multitasking!

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To find out where Katie is going to be on your television this fall here

Katie and her social media channels are here Pin It

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  1. I loved it when Katie showed her "guns". She is amazing and a true inspiration. I hope we get selected to go to Katie one time in the "bloggers" seat!