Guest Post: Is Your Company's Website Mobile Friendly??

Today's guest post is from Tia who is the owner of The Sizzle Agency in Daytona Beach, FL. I am excited to know Tia because she is in that very small pool of local resources of like minded individuals that I need to exist plus her website designs not only gorgeous but reasonable.She also does things that I am asked about every day and am happy to have someone awesome to refer like: Custom Website, Basic Website, eCommerce, Search Optimization, Mobile Website, Mobile App, Wordpress Training, and more

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When I was at the (when will she stop talking about this, you wonder??) BlogHer12, two sessions made one thing clear-Mobile Websites are it. If your website is not mobile friendly, as in if it looks exactly like it does on your computer on your phone screen, it is time you to think very hard about making your website mobile friendly. Enjoy Tia's article!

Out running errands last week, I remembered I needed to schedule a doctor’s appointment. I grabbed my iPhone, Googled the doctor’s office and pulled up the website. I then spent (what felt like) several minutes trying to locate the phone number – scrolling and two-finger magnifying like a crazy person…header, footer, sidebars, clicking through pages – I finally got so frustrated I went back to Google and found the number in some third-party physician’s directory. [True Story!]

If you have a smartphone, this probably sounds pretty familiar to you. All you want is quick info – to call, visit, maybe check out a menu…and suddenly you’re going for gold in the Finger Olympics. Frustrating for us, the customer, but even more frustrating for a business owner (who is unknowingly losing potential customers). Truth is, had I had a choice, I would have just said ‘forget it’ and jumped to another doctor’s site. That’s especially harsh when someone’s obviously invested good money in a website.

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