You. Are. Enough

I was reading Kimberly Wilson's blog today about feeling untapped. The last line of her blog is the title of this one and it resonates. It must be in the air because lately I feel like I have been chasing that stupid rabbit round and round the track with not much to show for it. I keep saying if I had more time, I could get more organized, be more productive, have a better plan about so many things.


I still haven't written my Right Brain Business Plan....

I still haven't analyzed all my clients to see how I can do this all more effectively

I have private and secret goals that I can't seem to make to the paper.

God, I can't even blog as much as I want to.

And not for nothing but if someone as superhero-like as Kimberly is feeling untapped we are all extremely screwed indeed.

She asks us to ponder:

How will you live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

I am gonna have courage
I am gonna set goals
I am gonna apply myself
I am gonna make a difference
I am gonna have a little faith
I am gonna keep running
I am gonna figure it out.

Thanks for the reminder go get to retapping for the ones who you inspire,silly! Pin It

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I just ordered business cards for BlogHer '12 as I was reading a post by someone saying they are great to have and hand out. I am not "in business" but am new to blogging. Her line said something about everyone being important enough to have one resonated with me. So, I have great new cards and am glad I did. I feel that I am enough, just as I am and am doing new things when I can to make my life more fulfilling.