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Thought it would be fun to share what I will listening to this week when I run.Whenever I am in the car or somewhere and here a good song I like to run to, I save it into a main Spotify list that I call Run Like Your Ass is on Fire. I try to put all the songs in here and then make playlists from there based on how long I am running. This is this week's playlist-hope you like it! Be easy on me, it has been a while since I had to program music for a living!

Week of July 9th


So what is on your must hear running playlist this summer??

This Week in Runs
I have a new PR 12:23/mile...slow but steady turtle! With my new running group, I ran twice and once by myself.

First Group Run with the Turtles

I get extra points, this was after the Fourth of July! 

I also think getting my run on after an amazing
night of drinking with friends deserves props

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  1. I'm so proud of you :) And yes you get extra points for your Friday morning run, just as I gave myself extra points for Saturday morning!