Thank You Hootsuite, Adds Google + and Easier Scheduling

Sometimes things just work in your when I logged into my Hootsuite account, I was greeted with some good news. They have a new Chrome extension called Hootlet...this enables you to click on the icon when you are on a website and a new window pops up allowing you to schedule a post without leaving the page. Brilliant. They also now have a suggested scheduler of sorts where they will schedule it at the best time for highest optimization (looks to me like you can only do that for the current day. I have been using it all day and this is going to save me a TON of time. Check out their video walkthrough.

If that wasn't enough, I received this in my Inbox today:  

We’re excited to announce that Google+ Pages is now available to all Free, Pro, and Enterprise users! To add Google+ Pages, access your user profile from the side menu, then select “+ Add a Social Network” under My “Social Networks” Catch their announcement here 

 Holy Cow. So exciting. So now these pages that I am too lazy to go into and post on can be done from one click in Hootsuite. It is things like this that can really make a girls day. 

Big Score Hootsuite! You made this girl very happy! 
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