Running Etiquette

Respect, Yo
Since I have been running, I have noticed a huge lack of respect on the road. I run first thing in the morning and for the most part the faces are starting to look familiar. There are walkers and dogs and bikers and other fellow runners.

I am extremely cautious of my surroundings when I am running, for a couple of reasons. For one, I am by myself and it is early so there is always safety to consider. I also like to listen to my music pretty loud to give me motivated and I certainly don't want to be caught by surprise from someone biking or running behind me. I also check behind me every so often and I make a point to stay on a pretty straight path. That is how I show respect to the road that I am on. Having said that, I am shocked how some people do not have the same decency.

Very often, I find myself playing chicken with walkers...instead of moving to the side, they walk right in the middle and right towards with me as if they dare me to keep going. I sometimes either stop dead in my tracks and let them by or risk injury pulling myself on the grass while I let these inconsiderates walk on by. It would seem to me, that as I am RUNNING they would have a little common decency to let me by as easy as possible.

Another thing that I find incredible is running on the beach. I am blessed to have the World's Most Famous Beach. Even though I am not entirely sold that running on the beach is awesome, it really is amazing that people are not minding their children to stay out of way of other runners. Adults arent any better. You really have to wonder how anyone thinks taking the right of way from a runner is polite. Not to mention's a matter of inertia to not hurt yourself or them if you collide.

Maybe this is something you never thought of..because I don't think I ever did before I started running.But, please be kind to runners when out and about, we would appreciate it! Pin It