Trendy Testimonial-My First Birchbox

Like any girl, I love beauty products...almost to an obsessive level that only me and the lady who cleans my house will disclose. When I heard about Birchbox, I knew I had to be a part. I used to be a part of a really fun monthly subscription service that did handmade items, but Birchbox sets the bar samples a lot of top line beauty products with some surprises sprinkled in. You can go here to sign up...and there is a short waitlist but once you get in, GET IN!

From the website: Birchbox is the best way to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products. Sample top products from high-end brands, get expert advice, buy new favorites and earn points with every purchase.

Here is what came in my Birchbox:
This month Birchbox teamed up with Glamour Magazine-pretty packaging! 

Can't ever have enough bronzer-from Ada Cosmetics

I love love love Dirt! Sow+Reap=Heaven

Should really be called Eau de Awesome instead of Eau de Flirt-Love Harvey Prince

Bonus! Free Headphones! Perfect for BlogHer! 

I am really excited about LaraBar Uber...I have read about them but haven't found them in stores yet!

TheBalm Stainiac will be perfect for summer and minimal makeup

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