BlogHer 12-THE NYC Prepare

If I can be completely honest here, I do really love BlogHer and all that it is about. Having said that, when I initially thought about attending-to be honest the fact that the host location was the most amazing city on the planet was the selling key. I have been to conferences and trainings before and I really enjoy them, but to do it in the city that doesn't sleep? That is the bonus. My family lives in Long Island so it was just another reason to go. 

I actually booked my conference ticket and my flight on the intention of maybe I can convince Beauty Mommy to go with me, but if would look like it would be a solo date for me and the Big Apple. I have already told you how Megan was fortunate enough to have her company support her to go and then things really started taking place. She has done a way better job at this than me, describing the food,  beauty and the cocktails that we will be indulging when we get there but I wanted to talk a little about what I am doing personally and professionally to get ready.

I am excited for the BlogHer conference, but I can't WAIT for the opportunity with the Rockettes on Friday will be a life changing experience.

I have had some great advice to take heed here and here, This morning with some prep of my own. 

1. Make a plan but don't stick to it....but at least have an idea where you are going, what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. For you, your blog, your experience.  

2. Take the time to clean up your blog so it is a true refection of yourself. If nothing else, please make sure that there are multiple places on your blog to be contacted. How annoying when you want to reach out to someone and your only way is to hope that they read their comments?

3. Know that it is Restaurant Week and you can eat at the most fabulous places at a price you can afford. You can get more information here

4. Download apps that help you get around NYC, it is like a grid and it isn't that hard...but instead of blowing your money in a cab because you don't want to deal with it (I am most guilty), use the Subway...its an experience. PS-if you are taking a cab, you may want to walk away from the Front Entrance of your hotel...just a little tip, because some (not all) cab drivers will take quite advantage of you not knowing where you are going and take the LONG way. Don't get taken for a ride while you are being taken for a ride. 

5. It is NYC, not safe and savvy but not paranoid. Seriously, not to be unkind, but some people are posting safety paranoia worthy of a third world country. Be aware, keep your hand on your bag, and look alive baby...and don't go down dark alleys in the middle of the night.

6. Take your vitamins, emergen-C...germaphobia PSA 

7. Pick one experience that will mean NYC to you and do it. While you are here, schedule some NYC time, just to say you spent a couple of minutes outside the four walls of the Hilton. So SO SO much to do. 

8. Buy stock in 5 Hour Energy drink-you are gonna need it.

9. Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are friendly and will answer your direction questions. Just ask. 

10. Spend time with the conference guide. The girls at BlogHer have spent a great amount of time putting together this for us. Peruse, Highlight and Study.

11. Bring a sweater because it gets chilly. 

12. Stop begging for the party, it is easy to get swooped up in the party mode. I know some of you have children and husbands are ready to get a little loose...but begging for invites? It doesn't serve a really doesn't. Again, BlogHer has provided plenty of opportunities for you to brand and socialize, utilize and take notes for next time. 

So there are my thoughts....this is my first BlogHer conference, but I have been to NYC a million times and I wish someone told me these kind of things! 

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  1. You nailed it all. I particularly like #8. Speaking of which, do I need to stock up on some before I head out tomorrow as I am sure 5 hour is cheaper in FL than NYC?

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow xoxo

  2. Great post! As a NY'er I am smiling as I know some people freak out and worry about NY, but really, common sense is all you need. I look forward to seeing you there! I highly recommend visitors sample NYC food if they are out and about. I know I miss it when I am not home (pizza, pastrami, knishes etc...)