When Ex Employees Take Their Anger To Social Media

As you know, I own a social media marketing company...the easy definition is I maintain and manage business page profiles on Facebook...but,that is such a very small piece of the pie. A good part of my week is spent monitoring online reviews on sources like Yelp, Google Places and Urban Spoon. As you have heard me talk about here and here I am amazed at the crazy stuff that people write. I thought I would share the very best reason why you or someone you hire should be on top, across and all over your online reviews at minimum once a day. Found this gem on one of my restaurants-

Looks are decieving! Seems like Ok reastaurant , but Dinners be aware a bad cook brings down a whole reastarant . You kbow the type that drops food on floor an still uses it, an be careful If u order a Venison burger , it might be just Reg Beef! Although they have good Sushi. If theres a cook named Joe working there, u wont catch my Family back in there. Very Disapointed!

Besides being horrified at his spelling, I saw a red flag-this is clearly an ex employee. Sure enough, Nick S. was fired at said restaurant last week. So as a gentle reminder, please make sure that you check your reviews on all sources and sites daily. Put it on your calendar as a reminder, if you have to! Or you can always hire someone! From a legal perspective, I asked my lawyer buddy and he said that Yelp should take it down (they did after I flagged it) but the restaurant could seek slander charges if they wanted to...but really, who would take the time?  
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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I see a lot of "reviews" from disgruntled people often on Yelp and other places. Funny (not really) thing, when I had a bad experience with my favorite local restaurant, I left sad. I told some friends and my sister that I would never eat there again. I thought that was the responsible way to handle it. First thing out of my friend's mouth "You should write about your experience on YELP!".. The difference here is that I had a valid issue. But I still felt the negativity that would bring is just not worth my time. My money will speak for me. Good advice about checking your reviews people write CRAZY stuff sometimes.