SOC-Graduation Day

What happens when you are reminded of your teen years? Happy? Jealous? Feelings of bitterness or regret?

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This prompt couldn't have come at a better time. This weekend my niece graduated high school...twenty one years later in the exact same spot that I walked across the stage. I was insanely emotional during the entire process. I have been thinking a lot about what I wished I would have known when I had that day in the sun. I wish I would have known that I would never forget that day and all the days that followed. I wish I knew that no matter what was the issue, I would have the strength to get through it. I wish I would have known that my closest friend that day would still be the person I talked to once a week. It was a period of growth for me during this time, and I am thankful for all that molded me. I am happy to be reminded of my teen years because thankfully the relationships I had that day still are so important to boyfriend at the time, is still a dear friend and the boy who was part of our crowd and social circle is the man I have loved with all my heart for the past seven years. I can understand why this time would cause some anxiety but to me, they were the best of times. 

My niece and my beau and I at graduation

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