Is Being A Childless Blogger A Curse?

I am starting to get a little, not because I am mid, sigh late thirties and we haven't gotten around to having babies yet..that is another story for another bottle of wine.

I am getting a little worried because I am not a mommy blogger. I have what I think is a blogging niche...women in business, career advice, crazy soapbox rants and a little social media, but is that enough??

This panic started last summer with IVillage. I am in awe of IVillage because of my love of all that is NBC (for starters) but it is completely mommy driven. They said no, no they were looking for non mommy bloggers...and even when I auditioned for IVoices and I made it through a round or two...they only picked mostly mommy bloggers. My video wasn't that good, fairly but I was really surprised that I think only one girl was not with children, and they picked a dad. I am just so bummed because I love their platform and I know if only I could plop out a child I would be so great for them,

So, that turned me on to Blogher who is such a cool community of like minded individuals. I love their site and their network and how cool and massive yet warm and fuzzy their organization is. I can't wait and I mean this with a thousand billion exclamation points to go to BlogHer12 but I keep looking through the people attending dying to find a non mommy blogger to connect with there and I am coming up a little empty.

But is that rude? Anyone who is a non Mommy blogger please DM me #blogher12 does not seem like an ideal Tweet.  That is what I am terrified of, I don't want anyone to judge me because I have what I think to be a valid concern. I do want to connect with like minded individuals regardless of their niche. Because I know that they will understand why I blog and don't ask me am I still doing that internet thing...(wrinkle up your nose and make the face, for the full effect). How I wish I had children, because I would have so much fun blogging about them!

I am really excited to sit in on Live from the 205's Kim Trimble's Room of Your Own/Table for One-she will be speaking on (from the BlogHer website) -the underrepresented childless blogger and why PR firms and blogging groups seem to focus on mommy or daddy bloggers for the juicy deals and sponsorships. Ding Ding Ding. Can't. Freaking. Wait.

I have a voice, I have a niche and I have a soapbox but I don't have a child and I am starting to get a little nervous! I know there are a ton of non mommertons out there, but when it comes to connecting with a network, am I just out of luck? Will I be out of place?

Any advice? and PS Mommy or Not- if you are going to Blogher12 and want to connect-add me on Twitter and lets make a plan!

What Would Carrie Do?

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  1. Please don't have kids for the sole purpose of blogging about them - sorry couldn't resist - you left it wide open! Seriously, you do have valid concerns. I'm a mommy blogger (who else would be blogging so early on a Saturday morning while dad is with the kid at swim lessons?) I used to loathe the fact that the blogosphere is seemingly filled with liberal young moms when I'm more conservative and definitely on the older side. But I kept searching and found my audience. BlogHer will be a goldmine for you - conferences are the bomb.

  2. Thanks Andrea...(my bf thanks you too lol)!! I can't wait to read your blog!

  3. I am not a mommy blogger, and have no kids. I am going to BlogHer 12 (my first conference and I am a new about anxiety!) Do what you do best, and all is great.

  4. I'm not a mom blogger- and I cannot wait to meet you!!! BlogHer 12 will be my first ever conference, and I can totally relate to your anxiety about being a non-mom blogger! Your blog is amazing and informative- sans kids- and appeals to a different (dare I say broader based?) audience then a mom blog would, and that's great! We (you, me, and other non-mom bloggers like Winnie) should totally do the opening night at the expo (that's what it's called right?) at blogher together! My twitter handle is @KristaK2

  5. Thanks so much for writing about this. I am a blogger and I don't have kids and frankly I feel like not having children does put me at a disadvantage in the blogging world. I get a little crotchety about it sometimes, even though I know I shouldn't. And don't get me wrong, some of my favorite bloggers are mommy bloggers. But I wonder sometimes if there is room for other women's voices as well. One of my friends and I once joked about starting a network for childless bloggers.

    I've never been to BlogHer and I can't afford to go this year, but I have pals who've been (both mom bloggers and childless bloggers) and they loved it. I think you'll have a blast. I hope to get there one year.