I Survived My First 5K

I started running in April right after I conquered a long battle of weight gain due to the medicine I was taking due for my headaches due to life saving surgery...it is a long story...I wish I could say that I was eating bon bons and this is what happened but that wasn't the case. Let me tell you, for someone who used to go home in Junior High crying because I was being made fun of due to my gangliness...buying sweaters to cover up my arms and physically hiding behind people because I didn't want my fat ass in any pictures was a tough terrible pill to swallow. I went on the HGC drops, dieted for the first time in my life and was insanely conscious of what was going in and out of my mouth. End result, 20 lbs and 1-2 pant sizes...which is ALSO very annoying to complain about that I have all these great LOFT jeans that are falling off me...white girl problems, huh? 

One of my girlfriends and I were talking and said that she got the best results from working out after the drops...I am also not a fan of the workout..although I dabble in yoga, the fact of going to the gym makes me a little queasy. When I hadn't had to, it wasn't something that I grew up doing or liking. But, when my Junior League did a 5K and I looked at these GORGEOUS bodies and adorable running clothes I thought maybe this was something I could try to see if I liked. Pretty funny that something so shallow got me motivated, but I also was attracted to the fact that I could use music to motivate which is something I do every day. 

So, I have been running by myself every other day. It is a slow climb but I am working on it and then a 5K Fun Run was being hosted by my client and benefitted an organization that I am passionate about so I said why not? There was a running group that I joined on Facebook for stalking purposes only-I am a true Lurker but when I saw that they were running it, it motivated me to give it a shot! 

Guess what?? I didn't die! I wasn't fast and I just started walking properly for the first time in three days but I. DID. IT, I am thankful for the immense, crazy, inspiring encouragement that I have been receiving on Facebook and in person at the run. It is unbelievable. I can't wait for the next one!!

People Signing Up for the Run
I think I took this by mistake, but it is funny! 
Damn That Bridge, I would have done so much better!
My friend Amy and I before the run, all smiles

After! We did It! 

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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments! Way to go on completing your first 5K and your weight loss. I have never been thin and am so happy you have worked your way to your goal.

  2. Thanks Winnie! I look forward to meeting you at BlogHer12!!

  3. Congrats! I started running last summer and in February I completed a half-marathon. It was an amazing experience. So proud of you!