I Now Pronounce You Avocado and WIfe

I never liked guacamole...it wasn't till my fifth food group in the early 2000's became a Mexican restaurant that me and my friend Megan used to frequent live at. Somewhere along the line I tried this guacamole thing you speak of and I fell in love. I quickly learned that there was something to be said about fresh guac, compared to the nasty processed one and always found ways to be near the freshest kind  A couple of years ago, a friend of mine gave me a recipe to take on for my very own and a love affair was born. 

This avocado had so many things that I could do with it! I could make my guac, I could add it to an amazing kale saladbut what else? Tonight, I found a great new recipe for dinner via Tasty Kitchen email-Sweet Pulled Pork Tacos, and it came with a really yummy Avocado Cream Sauce-something that sounds good to me, but would make my person turn his nose up with disdain. 

So, even though using green onions was new, I had to get a little more creative. I took the recipe and doubled the garlic and the salt and added some fresh corn...and holy cow-a new awesomeness was born!! Enjoy! 

PS-My person devoured and had seconds! Score! 

4 whole Green Onions, Sliced
2 whole Avocados
4 Tablespoons Lime Juice
2 Tablespoons Sour Cream
¼ cups Snipped Cilantro
8 cloves Minced Garlic
2 teaspoon Kosher Salt
1 can of corn or one ear of fresh (cooked)

Creamy Awesomeness

With the Pork, some lettuce and cheese

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