How to Share The Love While Blogging

They call it social media for a reason. Whatever the reason you start your blog, it does give you a little encouragement when someone actually reads it. I know that there are times where I would like to take my most intimate thoughts and put it into a blog for my eyes only, but for the most part what you write on these channels it is meant to be shared with the world. If you are a crazy marketer like some people, try to figure out ways to get your blog out there and get people to read it and comment on your thoughtful prose. Aside from stalking your analytics, it sure is nice to know that people are reading and liking your thoughts, wit and prattle through the comments that they leave under each post. My friend Nada, the fabulous BeautyMommy and I were talking about this the other day...what is the best wayto get people to comment on your blog? As most of our meetings end, I ran away inspired to conquer the world with some good ideas.

Some things her and I are gonna try to get those comments and page views up:

Enlist A Buddy or A Mentor-Like I mentioned, having a fellow blogger will encourage you to blog more. Especially if you get their blogs in your email, (use Feedburner) which has become my favorite way to read a blog. The ease of it in your email really works for me. People like Nada and Kimberly Wilson make me accountable to blog more because they are so good at doing it everyday...with an endless stream of ideas to boot. Of course you don't need to know them personally but it helps!

Pay it Forward-Anytime you read a blog that you like, why not leave a comment and make their day. You could also share their article with your social media or shout them out on Twitter so they can get some love. I am sure it will come back to you triple fold.

Concentrate on 25 Blogs-This is an idea that Nada came up with that I am STAHHHHHEEEEALING! Take a couple of blogs that you really like and stalk focus on them, always commenting and retweeting and being their biggest fan. Make sure you are genuine and I bet it will build some reciprocity.

Join a Network-There are some great networks that I have found that have your best interests in mind-organic and honest ways to find new blogs, engage with others and increase your comments and readership. My two favorites-The SITS Girls and NaBloPoMo (BlogHer). All Things Fadra's Stream of Consciousness Sunday (SOC) whose weekly feature is also becoming a favorite.

Get Your Butt on Twitter-Hands down-there is no better love fest than Twitter. Surround (follow) yourself with like minded individuals that will support and comment and share and cheer everything you do.

What are some other ways that you can share the love while Blogging?
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  1. Great advice. I'm really excited about also stealing that tip to focus on 25 blogs. It makes this social media thing feel less overwhelming. Thanks for this post.

  2. Great tips! I have just started on Twitter as someone asked to follow me that way. I have to learn all the various social media. Thank you..