Facebook Changed Your Email?? So What, Who Cares?

I feel a little conflicted having a stance on this as I definitely have bigger issues with my privacy than I used to. After I got skimmed and had over $1400 taken from me, I am a lot more paranoid with how I go about my business and my day.

I noticed actually, they changed my email to a Facebook one a couple of months ago. What I don't understand is the dramatic uprising over this. Yes, I am sure that they probably should have made mention but come on, what is the big deal? This way if someone wants to contact you, they can safely do it via Facebook. Surely all the crap that you post on there in the first place can't be any worse or less private than a random Facebook inbox message??

I don't want to alarm anyone but this morning I noticed that they have added a written notification of which page you are posting to-

Oh no! They are trying to make my experience a little more convenient. Why didn't anyone tell me??

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1 comment:

  1. I have no issues with it. I think the "not" being told ahead of time is a major freakout point for some.