Dressing The Part

A big bonus of working for yourself is you have a lot of control. Control of your time, the way you conduct your day, where you work and what you wear while doing so. As I have left the world of high heels, skirts and blazers-(ooof!) at my radio sales job, there is great joy to have the choice of throwing on a pair of jeans or wearing pigtails on a Wednesday. But I think some of the rules still apply ...you want to dress for the job you want, right? At the very least, your first meeting when you are asking for money. 

The other day, I was in a meeting with a new client. I had a dress and strappy heels on. As I was leaving his next appointment was coming in. She was a girl who also owned her own company.and was there to pitch my client. I wasn't sure what she was selling but I couldn't get past her outfit: Tank Top, headband and leggings...it looked like maybe she was gonna go to the gym but changed her mind, and made a quick stop to go pitch her goods to a new client. I don't mean this as a bash, but it gave me the inspiration for this blog. 

Quick Thought-

Be yourself, but know when it is appropriate. Everyone loves the arrogance of waking up and throwing on sweats if you feel like it. Because you can. Just know when it isn't right-a professional atmosphere like a lawyer or doctor office, a first meeting and when you are asking for money or renegotiating. 

I grabbed some freelancy, but professional outfits but would work in any of these situations:


I would love a jacket with this

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