Ask for Help With Your Social Media Marketing

I am always a little surprised when new businesses don't take marketing as serious as opening your doors for the first time. Unless you are handing gold bars out to every customer, the build it and they will come adage just doesn't translate to modern day in a struggling economy. You must find a way to build your business that makes sense for you and word of mouth is not going to do it.

The good thing is thanks to social media, some of these efforts can be done for very cheap and for free in most instances. Obviously, that and radio are my choice to get you going. Even though most social media is free, you need to think about your experience level in these channels before you begin. Just because you know how to update your status on Facebook, marketing on there is a completely different animal. Of course you can always pay someone you help you do your social media but there is also a ton of websites, blogs, etc etc to help show you the way. Ask questions and pay attention to competition to what they do right and wrong. You can learn a lot this way. Of course, I spend all day on social media but if I can just offer one piece of advice, get some sort of training and be mindful of your ability and ask for help if you need it.
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  1. Very informative article. Social media is here to stay and is used by many.

  2. I agree that social media is essential for having a successful online presence. Especially if you own a business, if people don't know that you exist they can't use/buy your service :)