What Matters Most

I have been thinking a lot about philanthropy lately. I wonder how people catch the helping bug. Is it something that is instilled in you at an early age? Do you have to have something happen to you before it forces you to give back? Is it a combination of all these factors? I hate to get all Carrie Bradshaw on you, but this got me to thinking...What does it take to make you remember What Matters Most? I do a lot of volunteering and I don't really know how this came to be. If I think of how I grew up, my dad would give the shirt off his back, but we didn't spend a lot of time walking for cancer, or building houses for Habitat. 

Starting in a career in radio gave me a great platform to champion a cause. I have done it for animal rights, and for Veterans, and St. Jude. I then moved on to becoming involved with my downtown organization, the local American Cancer Society and the Junior League. I don't know if this is enough, even for someone who always says yes to a volunteer opportunity. I feel like I am searching for something I can take a stronger hold of, wanting to wake up and say THIS is how I can help and THIS is what I want to do for THIS cause. 

I think all my whimsicalness has to do with my time last week with old friends that I visited in Orlando. They were doing a show with Hard Rock and I had the pleasure of hanging again with an as-old (in friendship years only!) friend of theirs who is the Director of Philanthropy for the Hard Rock...isn't that the most amazing title ever? This girl is the salt of the Earth and works hard hard hard doing good for others, it is quite inspiring. 

The Hard Rock as a whole is pretty impressive for all the work that it does. Yes, it has amazing concert venues all over the world, but the work they do for others is really something I dont feel many people are fully aware of. Maybe that is the silent beauty of doing things for others is not to be so gregarious while doing so. In a social media world of look at me, look at me...quietly changing the world one step at a time is something I think we can all strive to do a little bit more. 

For more of what the Hard Rock does, click here

What are things you can do to quietly, eloquently change the world?

YAY! Promo Poster-FUN Show, OLD picture!! 
Soundcheck at the Hard Rock

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