Putting the Oxygen Mask on Yourself

If you are like me, you look at up and think it is probably 11:30am and it is after 2p...HOW did  that happen?? It also gets a little monotonous and rat racy if you will, and all of the sudden the week flew by.  Then all of the sudden it is the middle of April...it was just New Year's Eve a minute ago! My point today is that with all the days, weeks and months that fly by-are you making time for yourself and your business? When it gets really nuts and you are go go go...where in your day do you make sure you have your website up to date, your business Facebook page is being posted regularly and all of the things you need to do for yourself to make You, Inc relative and successful?

Great tip from Manta today-

Dedicate Time to Promote Your Business 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out a large-scale strategy to bring new customers to your business. Our advice? Set aside 1 hour per day to promote your business. During that time you can easily: make phone calls, update your Manta profile, add keywords to your website, ask for referrals, hand out fliers, or send a direct mailing. You might be surprised at how much visibility you can gain from 1 hour of focused promotion efforts each day. Pin It

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