Instagram Come To Android-Angels are Singing

I love love love it. I spent great lengths babbling about it here last year. It is the only thing that I missed desperately when I left the iPhone land. Today, they announced the incredibly long wait was over and Instagram is being dowloaded 2K times a minute! Initially, I had some issues finding it initially but the Instagram for Android download is here

May I also make another suggestion? Please sign up for Morning Pics! This fun app indexes your Instagrams and sends you one at random each morning. Some mornings it is a nice pick me up! Some mornings it is maddening because you realize with much sadness it has been 211 days since you have been in your most city in all the world. 

Let me see some of your favorite Instagrams! Here are some of mine.

me and my besterton at a Yankee Game (Spring Training)

This picture was taken the day after a really tough situation

Pre Race Pedi

Supermodel Kitty

The most important thing to me.

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