Beauty in the Breakdown-A Week in Review

This is a little embarrassing, I have done next to little blogging this week. I am incredibly busy which I know is good, but I just need more time in the day..I just need to set higher goals and better time management. Self depreciating was a busy big week-


Finished Book for my first review for The Chick Lit Bee-I am real excited for this opportunity to review books of the chick lit genre! Stay tuned!

Kale Salad Obsession-so so so good I have ate and blogged about it twice this week!

Ran three time, Got new running shoes and a new PR 11 minutes

Our local Miller Beer distributer, S.R. Perrott turned fifty this week and I was so excited to be invited to their party to celebrate. I ran into a ton of people I knew and it was really fun!!


Owe a million dollars to the government...well $2,600...still can't talk about it yet...I am actually trying to avoid the whole situation all together, I have so much to learn.

Ormond Mainstreet Board Meeting-I love my involvement with the Junior League but my passion is to be involved with the city that I love so much. So worthwhile!

Political Season is starting to rev up and I have a new client! Really excited to work with him!

Although I am so busy, I am swimming...I have two really good prospects that I hope to conquer soon!

Attended a city tour for my Leadership class

Met a new local blogger-world domination!

In Pictures

Look at my gorgeous new running shoes!

My friend Diane and I at Leadership

Kate Spade Rain SHOES!!! 

A vision of awesome on my walk/run

In My Ears-
Kathleen Edwards-She has such a beautiful voice
Alabama Shakes-My friends are working this band...dig it!

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