Beauty in the Breakdown-The Week In Review

A complete narcissist move on my part, but I think I will start doing a review of my week on Sunday. Some of my favorite blogs do it, and I think, like any journaling it keeps you responsible and in check of what and how you spend your days. Ten bucks says I won't be regular about it but I will try. 

Ran three times this week! 
Got a massage (finally)
Blogged about Choosing wisely on who I choose to work with
Found a good subject to blog and practice the results that Pinterest will deliver 
Had a nice phone call with Beauty Mommy-always inspiring
Got closer to deciding about BlogHer 12 
Had a couple of bouts of headache hoo
Caught up with a friend over a bottle of wine (and then some)
Had a brown bag lunch with a new JL member-fun!
Did a Tar-jay run and decided to redo our bathroom
Attended an annual festival, saw some old and made some new friends

Attended a Ormond Beach Chamber Leadership Class
Ran a New Member Meeting for the Daytona Beach Junior League
Attended a Ormond Mainstreet Promo Meeting
Made an important decision on what to do with a difficult client
FNALLY got a Facebook page name change approval-huge! 
Made a couple of appointments for next week-new business!
Attended my weekly Black Crow meeting-we covered a lot
Worked out of my office a ton this week

In Pictures
A lady paddleboarding I saw on my walk

Random Bunny during my run

Got yelled at for taking this picture by the artist, LOL, but I'll still give her a shoutout
My besterton and I at our finest!
My new BFF's -best perk of being in radio, meeting great people 

Target Run-New for Bathroom

In My Ears

Gotye-Someone I Used to Know-please tell me you saw them on SNL

Lowlife-Theory of a Deadman-because they are lovely

Blood Bank-Bon Iver-just love this song

Jack Johnson-Im convinced he is my Xannex while working

Lastly, LOVE Garth and Kat-and they were awesome on SNL this weekend...but have you ever tried to do it yourself? Promise you, you will laugh a lot.

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  1. Such a fun post. I love your piece from your Tar-jay run!!

  2. I'll be missing me some Kristin Wiig on SNL if the rumors are true. And I LOVE that Gotye song. I bet if I took on the Week in Review I'd be inspired to have a great week just in order to blog it. lol Have a great week.