All Business is Not Good Business

In my inbox from Mantra today was this little pearl of wisdom:

While your product or service may be beneficial to the vast majority, not every client is worth the effort. A business filled with clients who are consistently looking for a "better deal" – or are otherwise causing you to lose sleep at night – is a clear sign that it’s time to redefine your target market. Start by creating a list of characteristics of your best customers and then research how best to reach them with your company message. 

I really resonate with this and it is very close to my unofficial mission statement stolen right from the mouth of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman:

I say who, I say when and I say how much

I feel that sometimes we see the dollar signs before we see the cause and effect. Of course, you can't be incredibly arrogant and only work with people that think you are greatest, but on second thought...why can't you? Isn't it important as a business owner to control the amount of stress that enters your work environment? It seems to be the amount of chaos you conflict on yourself may be the only thing that you can control. 

There is no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you can make an extra effort to choose wisely the people you work with in order to make it all sunflowers and daisies. If it is your own business and you are the one calling the shots, this choosing should be as important as any other business decision you make. 

My friend and I were talking about this the other day and she mentioned the monetary loss she has seen from setting the unruly free...but doesn't peace of mind overrule every cost? Why do you want extra anxiety with clients that get in the way of allowing you to take on more like minded individuals that actually pay their bills on time and are thankful for what you do (and actually take the time to tell you so)

Your lips to God's Ears, Sister
I wonder if I am being a pompous ass here? How dare I not take every little bit of business that comes my way and be thankful that anyone would want to work with me? Or do I have a point? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 
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