More Facebook Changes Ahead....Sigh

When Facebook rolled out the new timeline, I knew that brand pages wouldn't be too far behind. I would like to gently pat every little one on the head when they complain that it is a lot of work to change to the new timeline for their personal or business page. I am almost finishing moving over 70, yes I said 70 different businesses and projects that I have created a Facebook business page for over the years. I haven't breathed properly since the announcement.

After the move over ,the work really begins, it looks like the logo needs to be adjusted some timeline details should be added and everything in my OCD head needs to be perfect. I also need to change some of my monitoring ways because for some reason Facebook didn't deem it necessary to notify you when you receive a new Facebook page message without physically checking it. I promise you, I am not a very nerdy way, I am very excited! I will admit it has taken me these few weeks to wrap my head around it and create a game plan so me, my sanity and most important- my clients are happy. This week, I have made a lot of headway.

So, now that my breathing has returned to shallow inhales and exhales, imagine my hands in the head, cuss word reaction when I saw that Facebook was going to make some more changes to its pages. This new change will give its users five different levels of admin access. According to an Inside Facebook article, by the end of March you will have different options for users on the admin level. This is a godsend for me, because I always thought it was very interesting that at any given time a disgruntled waitress who had access to her place of business Facebook page could remove the owners and highjack the page with no problem. 

According to the article, Product Manager Jeff Kanter said pages will soon offer five levels of admin access. He mentioned full access, publishing-only access and insights access, but did not reveal the other two levels. Facebook did not respond to article's requests for clarification.

What kind of access would you like to see?? What is the level of trust within your organization that will enable you to give different points of access, now that you have a choice? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 
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  1. I never understand why big companies like Face Book always try to fix what isn't broke. Different isn't necessarily better.


  2. Well there is a saying "If you are not moving forward than you are slowly going out of business"