Facebook is Free, Not A Free For All..

The etiquette of Facebook is a class I am thinking of teaching. At least when it comes to business pages. I just spent the last ten minutes deleting this band of the week who wants to play at my beach bar client, and the yard sale that wants to be promoted on my downtown development page, or the radio station pages who have people have posted  endless amounts of garbage to think that its ok to put on there without permission. I don't mean to be unkind, but that is enough to make me mental. 

It is rude.
It is obtrusive.
You know better.

I hate to be a natzi here but Goodness! Facebook is a free advertising tool that every business should take advantage of. But it is you and your business who should not take advantage of its ability!  It is just a little different on how you promote yourself on here. It is social media... not push people out of the way to get people to buy your product media.

My sister will be happy to get a plug as she thinks I am too cranky (she used another term) when I complain about such issues...but I am actually trying to help through all my frustration by asking you to use the golden rule when using social media. Post undo others as they would post to you...

1. Do not post on someone's business page without their permission. Instead, why not pay it forward and post on your business page news of a business that you associate with. It would be polite for them to reciprocate and then you have achieved your goal for added exposure.

2. Do not comment on someone's post with your own advertisement. I know someone who takes every opportunity no matter what you write on your personal page to promote her business. I saw someone post about beating their personal best 5K and instead of giving congrats to a great feat... one of her friends posted in great length a Herbalife promotion, complete with his phone number for more information.

3. Switch it up, sister! Give us all a little break...talk about your kids, your dog, your industry, your BFF...just not a self plug or promotion. Your friends and clients will appreciate it!

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