Organic Groceries Delivered To Your Doorstep...Yes, Please!

Just like a child, I have that eyes bigger than my stomach disease. Sadly, it goes a little further than what goes on my plate for dinner. MAC eye shadows, nail polish, insert craft supply here, LOFT jeans (how many do I need just because they are on sale?) understatement, that I am a little obsessive with my buying habits. 

The one thing I am obnoxious is my Farmer's market buying habits, even to me. I go to the Farmer's market like a child in a candy store...tote in hand, so excited to have just a little piece of urban life such as organic goodies. So I buy....and buy...and buy...Then I come home, organize, bag them up in food storage bags (OCD alert!) and then sadly a week later some of it is uneaten and thrown out because it has gone bad...I just have a problem with portion control. Although I probably wont stop visiting my favorite outdoor market, I found a new way to keep my habit in check. 

I was turned on to Front Porch Pickings who weekly or biweekly delivers your choice of basket and size or organic awesomeness to your front porch (get it). Initially, I was a little nervous that I would hate not having the control to pick and choose exactly what I wanted. But after my first delivery yesterday, I think that this is my new favorite thing and I am really excited. A more official description of how it works is here.

On Wednesday, I received an email as to what my basket would be, to ease that whole control freak aspect a little-you do have the opportunity to double up and delete on something you don't like. They are very flexible. I was instructed to leave a cooler with ice and they would see me Friday. Sure enough, when I came home Friday there was a huge refrigerator bag waiting for me! What I liked about the selection and more important the quantity was perfect for one to people with the small basket. 

In my basket, for only $20 mind you there were:
sweet potatoes
HUGE green onions
salad greens
mini cucumbers 
Brussel sprouts
grape tomatoes

I am very excited to get through this first batch and make some recipes, any ideas? The website for Front Porch Pickings is here, and I am sure that they have something similar in your neck of the woods. Oh, and I found a blog that will help me store the stuffage properly!

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