Jason Wu for Target Plan Of Attack...I mean Action

My OCD in anticipation on the Jason Wu for Target launch tomorrow is almost more than I can stand. I must say that this blog post is so much more for me than it is for you. I have to somehow organize my thoughts and buying strategy like I did for the Missoni launch. 

Thankfully, for this launch I am not leaving an Anthrax concert, (sad but true) talking to my girl friend Nada of Beauty Mommy on the streets of NY freaking out that somehow I have to get back to Brooklyn and try to get on the shoddy internet connection to make these purchases happen. No midnight launch!!! So when I woke up by chance at 4am...yes I told you I am crazy...made three, THREE separate transactions for fear that I would lose the connection. Sound crazy? You obviously didn't hear that the Target website CRASHED at 8:30am...who is the sucker now?? Even my boyfriend understood that I wasn't joking when sources he deemed official reported on the crash and has steered clear of me for my game plan tomorrow. Even my best friend gets it now,  who initially couldn't understand why I cared that MERONA was having a new line.  

Tomorrow 8am, and prob non stop checking online over night I will be front and center at my Target with a plan..hoping my friends Rene and Nada will join because crazy loves company!!! I feel less insane with a partner! I hear somewhere in the heavens my dad saying if only you took your work this serious! Thank you to Nitrolicious for providing me with this canvas of crazy. 

My picks:

Trench Coat in Black, $54.99 
 Flared Dress in Black with Nude Patent Belt, $59.99 
 (Available at Target.com only)

Long-Sleeved Pointelle Sweater in Belize Blue, $39.99 Also Available in Red
Dot-Printed Shirt Dress in Cream, $39.99

Long-Sleeved Pointelle Sweater in Red, $39.99 
Pleated Cap-Sleeved Blouse in Red, $26, 99 (Available at Target.com only) 
Pleated Skirt in Navy Floral, $29.99 Also Available in Solid Black, which I must have

Jersey Dress in Red/Navy Stripes, $34.99 
Cat Tote in Cream, $39.99 (My MUST purchase)

Long-Sleeved Sailor Sweater in Black/Cream Stripes, $32.99

Flared Dress in Cream with Black Patent Belt, $59.99 (Available at Target.com only) 
Also Available in Black with Nude Patent Belt

Cat Tote in Cream, $39.99
Isn't she so so pretty?

Front-Flap Bag in Cream/Black, $49.99
(Because I need another handbag)

Wish me luck! And Let me know if there is medicine I can take for this sickness!

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  1. I am glad I came across your entry! Not only did I have a good chuckle, I realized just how far removed from I am from fashion--I am the darling of Ross and a TJ Maxx rockstar. I had no idea who Jason Wu is or the apparent importance this Target launch, but I must admit- I kinda want that cat tote now :)


    PS. You just reminded me how I have an old wordpress blog account I haven't touched in almost 5 years. LOL! Wow.

  2. I am going to be at Target at 8 hoping to snag my favorites! I didn't even realize that a few of them were online only! Thanks for you post for the heads-up! Now I will have to try to get them online!
    from katespade-aholic.com