Budweiser Shootout Fun

My former project Racing Fashionistas was the most fun I ever had in social media. I will say again that it taught me so much how to market a blog, it gave us amazing opportunities within the sport, made us strong advocates for brands on Twitter based on the success we had and I have made some amazing friends and contacts thanks to it. It breaks my heart that it has been one year since we posted on there. There is just no time. I wish there was. However, in order for me to have the best of both worlds, you may get a little #NASCAR action on here this week.
This is normally our view from where we watch the race from our friend's pit box. I thought they were gonna win this race, those Bass Pro boys!

Thanks to the glory of photography, this looks like Kyle is crossing the finish line...sadly its after the win...I am not that good!

Kyle pulling his car in Victory Lane

Kyle out oft he car, a millionaire 
(the purse for this race)
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