Ways To Bring In The New Year Resolution(s)

I haven't made too many personal resolutions this year...some professional ones, yes but sometimes I feel like Resolutions come with way too much pressure. Am I really going to stop cursing like a sailor? Just because  it turned January 1st? I don't think that is humanely possible. Am I gonna eat healthier? I was talking to someone today and they said everyone worries about what they eat between Christmas and New Year's wouldn't it be great if they worried about what they ate between New Year's and Christmas?? (Get it??) That is a good concept to ponder. Will I go and do more yoga as my gazillion dollar unlimited yearly membership sits and laughs at me?

Here are some apps to help you with your resolutions:


Couch to 2K...yes you can start anywhere and this is a good place to begin. Please hurry and make this app for the Android. I miss my British lady saying "you have thirty seconds before you can start walking again...and stop dying"


My Fitness Pal This is one of the best free apps and websites that you can count calories. You can choose from their expansive database of menu choices or choose your own. You can also customize meals if you eat the same thing day in and day out.

SkinnyTaste. I have been getting Gina's recipes so long, I love them. The fact that she is from my family's home town is even better. Her amazing recipes has point systems attached and can get you off to the best start for the New Year

Urban Skinny This is a easy read from women who believe that calorie counting is the way to go. The part I like the best about this website is that they tell you the good, the bad and the ugly on all foods. So when you are eating Mexican you know which are safe bets. Its a great book!

When all else fails....Pray

So maybe I haven't seen much of a church other than a wedding or a funeral in quite some time. Get back to your roots with the free app Daily Bible and every morning have a short verse for your to peruse and apply to your day.


On the love list....the greatest idea EVER for a foodie like me. Think pen pal with food. I am so excited I can't wait to get started on my first month! How cool to have a new package each month of foodie goodness!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderful Kimberly Wilson and her brand new
Tranquilologie: a DIY sprinkling of everyday tranquility-this do-it-yourself guide will take you from january through december with daily doses of inspirational ideas on everything from nesting to style to creative expression with a yoga sequence that complements each month. Its a must to bring in 2012!

In all honesty, make an effort to resolve and then move on, You can wait till next year for the resolution...just eat healthy, walk every once in a while and try something new this year...and when you get in a really bad mood...check out this website and get your laugh on. Its the greatest even for the worst of days. Pin It


  1. I L.O.V.E. that couch25K app. And the program.

    Another great (free) calorie counter site is www.sparkpeople.com. Its been really helpful for me.

    Great post and happy NaBloPoMoing!