Traveling Socially

I just returned from a trip to San Diego! I love that I have all these tools at my disposal to make my trip as stress free as possible. Some of my favorites:

Tripit-I love Tripit because when you are gathering your trip information and trying to make a game plan, this really gives you a nice platform to get all your plans in one place. What is really great is that you can forward your reservation to them and they will put it all perfect for you to start your trip. When I asked people what to do while in San Diego, I just made a note in my Tripit and stored their information. You can also share your trip with your friends and your social network.

NOTHING could have prepared me for the Kansas City MO airport....BLICK.....

Southwest- This is the first time that I used my phone to check us in.  Especially with Southwest who has an interesting boarding process, was I ever lucky to have that at my fingertips exactly 24 hours prior to boarding.

Yelp Really the holy Grail to any traveler. I will be happy when this area really embraces it. We looked up anywhere we wanted to eat or drink to make our decision on the best place to go using Yelp.

Groupon  If I can offer one piece of advice, when you book your trip sign up for that cities Groupon or Living Social. How else would we have known about the whale watching tour for $18/person! Seriously!

The World's Worst Whale Picture

Until Instagram comes out for the Android (when God WHEN??) this app made for some fun pictures.

Thanks to my Ipad, I read three books and about 4 magazines. And because I am such a Foursquare nerd, I packed in a whole ton of great points checking in all over sunny California.

Oh! I almost forgot...I had a nice little rendez-vous with my favorite guilty pleasure Pinterest. I was so busy getting ready for my trip, I hadnt been on in weeks!

What am I missing? What is your must have apps for your vacation??

I guess I should make mention that THIS was the best thing I brought with me on my vacation!

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