The One Woman Show

This Staples Dave Commercial, although this version not so great in quality, is brilliant. It really defines what it is like to be a small business owner. You are the receptionist, the sales person, the accountant, the planner, and the one who fixes your office equipment.

As much as I love being in business for myself it definitely comes with its own sets of obstacles. For instance, we are going on a much needed vacation next week to San Diego (any must sees?). While I am thankful I don't have to count my vacation time or be really nice to a Devil Wearing Prada so she will let me off-there is a large amount of anxiety leaving your baby for a whole week. If I can be honest, unless I leave the county with no cell phone service...I wont be able to turn it off completely.

In A Small Business, It is all you... is the Staples tagline...but, how do you do it? Pin It

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