Year End Musings

As most people do, when the year comes to an end...I tend to get a tad whimsical looking at the year that is ending. What have I done right? What could I improve? What was a total waste of my time? Most people don't really focus on the right, they want to focus on what to change, and what (or who) to get rid of as the year ends.

Am I following the rules or making them up as I go along? Can I actually do that or am I just being a complete pompous individual by creating my own work environment? I preach I say who, I say when, I say how much...but is there a fine line? Should I never ever work with someone difficult just because I don't have to? Isn't that arrogant?  Will it make me broke? Should I take the hit (after Christmas of course) and rid myself of the random few that give me the most aggravation? The ones that I have to chase to pay, the ones that do not respect that it is not ok to call at 10p because he was "thinking" about something... Isn't that why I went into business for myself to not be aggravated or am I a fool to think that one can be stress and agro free in a work environment?

I learn every day what it is like to be in business for yourself and the different peaks and valleys that comes with it but these are the things that I am thinking of as the year comes to an end. I would really love your comments and your experiences below. Pin It

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