Why Blog For Your Business?

Blogging for Businesses is probably the easiest way to move your chains up the SEO path. I  feel that it is the easiest and most organic thing that you can do to increase search engine optimization (moving you up in Google) for your business. A blog best explained is micro website that gives you a chance to provide new updated content about your business quickly and easily. Its not that I am not a fan of websites or web designers because that would be silly, I just like adding a blog component to your website to modernize the whole update process.

In my opinion, humble as it is, there should not be a website around without a blog component. These blogs can be made to look exactly like your website and as you provide new content that gives the web more things to pick up and list under you when you are searched online. You can write original content or you can share articles that are in your field that would be of interest to your client base. (Don't forget to credit your source). Or you can do a little bit of both like I am here. 

I have known my friend Mike Wolpert of Social Jumpstart  for over a decade when we both worked in radio together. He has moved on to bigger and better things in sunny CA and I am happy to be able to follow all of his awesomeness. He does a lot of cool multimedia stuff like educational training videos and a television show. I really liked what he had to say about Blogging for your Business and wanted to share his You Tube. Enjoy and take notes, because I sure did!

Little Blog Dress loves to show businesses how blogging can help their internet presence. Maintaining a blog constantly is easy, but it takes dedication. If you are interested in growing your web presence organically online, or you have always wanted to have a blog and don't know where to begin contact us so we can show you how!
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