Using Groupon For The Holidays

No secret that I am a big fan of Groupon. We have one here in the city that I live, which is odd because commonly we seem to get looked over in Daytona Beach for a lot. Most of the time we are not known for much more than formerly being the Spring Break Destination in MTV's heyday.

I like how it really works for most businesses if you have the manpower to see it through and the promotional sense to do something special for your Grouponers (is that even a word) when they come in your business to redeem. I have been excited to have worked on a number of Groupon campaigns for some of my clients and nearly all of them have had measurable success.

According to an article last month in the Huffington Post, Groupon is stepping up their A game and offering deluxe offers with Grouponicus which are amazing trips at a Groupon discount, Epic Deals like a a cooking class with Chef Todd English.

Even if you just wanted use Groupon for your holiday shopping, it isn't a bad idea. I am not a 1000 percent sure that this isn't what some may consider tacky but in today's economy, I think what is most important is that the thought now counts more than ever.

There is also ways to use Groupon to take your personal holiday budget a little further. For the most of obsessives of all that is compulsive, imagine my sheer glee when I found the Daily Dibs article on how you can have all the National deals emailed to you daily for you to peruse! This will make my Groupon rep very happy because it gives me an additional resource instead of bothering him..."Hey, John can you help me find the city that has the Barnes and Nobles Groupon? (best Groupon EVER)." There are ways using this resource to find a discount on your holiday cards, get a deal on canvassing that print you have been thinking about etc and maybe give you ideas for that hard to buy person all while saving at least 50% on the price,  Brilliant!

I also wanted to make mention that Groupon offers gift cards for the people on your list that like Groupon as much as I do. You can have them emailed or snail mailed or you can, a better choice I think, go to CVS or Target and get one physically. Definitely, this just became a part of gifts to buy for those people that are just really hard to get exactly what they want. Pin It


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