Color Scheming The Technical (Nerdy) Way

From my article at Becoming the Mrs., but I think you can use this process for many different uses!

Color Scheming The Technical (Nerdy) Way

One of the first things that you will prob do when you begin the planning for your wedding is decide on which colors to use. Some brides use their favorite colors, others use season appropriate themes. Some are even nice enough to ask for their fiance's input. If you are undecided, check out what the web has to offer via amazing Apps and websites to create a color scheme and keep you organized:

There are apps on your smartphone like My Pantone that will take your picture and extract the exact pantone color out of it for you to use. You can then take the color of your choice and start your vision board of ideas using this color.This app is great because it gives you color combinations with the color you chose to give you a chance to brainstorm other color options. Don't want to pay for the app? You can also take the color, throw it in a program that has color picker option like and get the HEX code. The HEX code, simply explained is the web version of your color for backgrounds and text color for invites. This may seem a little extreme, but its your day and everything should be perfect right?? 

One you get your Panteone and Hex Color Codes, why not do a Google search for decorations and other things to keep in the same color family for more inspiration. 

Here is a quick example how to grab the Hex Code:

The color I chose is PANTONE 18-4434 TPX Mykonos Blue. The HEX is 126091. Here is how I found the HEX code:

1. Copy or Save the image that has the color you want.
2. Open it in your choice of design program. I like because it is easy (and free)
3.Find the color picker in the Tools menu. It looks like an eyedropper. Click on it to activate-
4. Press F8 to activate your Colors Menu
5. Click on the image on the color you want.
6. Copy the HEX number. Your printer may want the numbers for the R G and B as there are some programs that don't have Hex, only RGB specs.

Now that you have the HEX code, you can google it and see what ideas can add to your planning. 

When I googled 126091 HEX Color, I discovered this cool site that gave me similar and complimentary colors.

I am interested in seeing your color combos and what you come up using this technical (but exact) way to color coordinate your wedding! 

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