Socially Acceptable: Spotify

It would be a good segway to tell you that I am sorry that I haven't written in a while. I haven't been on vacation and work hasn't been too busy. But, every moment of my free time has been spent building bigger and better playlists and excitement on Spotify. An official time suck warning as you continue to read my experience of this hot new way to play and share your love of music.

I have been a big fan of Rhapsody but I must now focus on Spotify, the newest, most popular kid on the music playlist block. Its an amazing musical pieces of heaven that lets you play any piece of music you could ever think of ...ever!!! Do you also know how little work I have done this last week as I have made playlist for every genre you could ever think of? For a measly $10 a month for the premium membership (there is a free option on Spotify, you just cant play it anywhere but your computer) you can make your own play lists for every aspect of your day. You can then buy the whole playlists with a couple of clicks, and sync them straight to your iPod, iPhone or Android device (with the premium version).

You have to be invited to get Spotify for now, but keep your eyes on Facebook as brands like Coke have been partnering with Spotify to give out free invites.

One really great feature that Spotify has manage to capture that Rhapsody falls short is the sharing capability. You can connect to Facebook to see which friends are in the cool kids club like you and see what playlists they have chosen to share with the world. I have some amazing musicians and friends in the music industry that have given me some insight to their brilliance in music selection. It is like you came to their house, grabbed their CD collection and went to town. Isn't it always fun to have that friend that will always come to you and say-"You have to check THIS band out". Spotify now gives you that option.

Like I bragged about Rhapsody, who now feels like an ex-boyfriend, you can hear a song on the radio and listen to the artist's full album in a couple of clicks. You can catch a GREAT oldie at the end of the song (happens to me all the time) and just grab your Spotify on your phone and listen to it again instantly. The phone app downloads are lightening fast, and you can download playlists to listen without an internet connection.

So if you need me, I will be on Spotify trying to create the best 90's boy band playlist. Leave your selection below! Pin It

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