It's all make believe, isn't it?

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." 
Maybe it was the hurricane but a bunch of weird but good things have been happening to me professionally lately. Of course, each comes with its own story...wouldn't be like me if not. 
I have won an award. So we have a newspaper that bestows Best of accolades on the city each year. I have always thought, surely these things are politically motivated. Turns out- with a little urging, I convinced enough people to vote for me and I won Best In Social Media. Not bad, for a little engine of one. Here is the funny thing, since I don't advertise with the paper, they aren't in a huge rush to communicate with me. Still waiting on my certificate-but look I have a pretty logo to share with you! 

My Twitter following is starting to look up. I am really enjoying being a part of Twitter. It is just so much more bonding than Facebook. I am obsessed with the amount of followers I have and I can't wait till I have more followers than followees.  I am following awesome people and I feel on top of my game. Through Twitter, I found out about The Braid Bar which will be an asset to my NYC trip next month and I received the holy grail Missoni for Target lookbook before most people.

Someone put it best: 

Facebook is for the people you know while Twitter is for those you want to know.

And I made a new friend in a little brand called @dkny. She is actually the face of their PR...funny and entertaining and when she and I were musing about the hurricane. Her RT and her blog (click to see it) gained me quite a couple of followers this weekend. Love when someone gets my humor :-)

Clearly on a roll, I decide to take my snarkiness to the Today Show and post this:

Although I missed it, my friend @Ginger23 exclaimed:@littleblogdress OMG you made it on the @todayshow!

So I am now scrambling to get a transcript to see where my dreams have come true, that I made it on the Today show without the book in my head that I plan to promote. But, true to Law of Darlynn-we changed the channel and missed the opportunity to hear it. 

Am I done? Oh God no! Friday afternoon, I am scratching a lottery ticket off and get The Symbol TWIST. That. Means You. Win. Every Prize. 

After I stopped hyperventilating, come to find out...well...they don't stick $30k prizes on the Win ALL like you think they would. I won a whopping $25. But I'll take it. 

Last but not least, someone send me the current issue of Volusia Flagler Business Report this morning. Apparently according to page 8, My company is the 13th largest in the area web design firms. 

Except. I. Don't. Do. Web. Design. 

Sigh. To add insult to injury, someone stepped on the computer after my services description and I am AAA, whatever that means. But I'll take name looks fun in print. And it is one  of the most reputable publications in town. Nice honor :-)

But, Not so much fun-I have one employee. 


There it is in Black and White. 

I plan on adding to my staff to increase my self worth:


Felicity-Executive Assistant

So, um how was your weekend?? 

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