Socially Acceptable-IPad Covers

My professional looking leather IPad cover is starting to get a little thin and weak....Im sad to say that it will needs to be replaced. At least this is the very careful story (even if it is a tad true) that I am telling anyone who will listen. When looking, I wanted something that would actually protect, and I would like it to look professional and classy, if possible. Because I have had my time of bad luck lately...combined with the fact that I was a very good girl with my money in Atlanta...I thought it would be fun to buy myself a little pick-me-up.
May I present the contenders:

The DIY Awesomeness

Amazing Prada Inspired  DIY from PS I Made This

The Fabulous But Oof Not Recession Friendly
Burberry $475.00
The Holy Grail

Chanel, $One Arm and One Leg$
The Winner
Kate Spade, $85.00
Not only am I a Kate Spade die-hard but I know that the quality will be top notch, and the design is very inspiring. It is a little pricey, but I think it will be something I will have for a very long time!
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