It worked for Betty White, Vote for Me!

So our newspaper comes out with an annual Reader's Choice Award. They tried something different this year, instead of listing potential looks like they sold prime spots to area business and then left the rest for the public to fill in. Smart? Rigged? At any rate they will get a couple extra gimme votes, similar to the election days, when you just pick the guy with the best name for Secretary for Agriculture. (You know you have done it)

Luckily, no advertisers have paid for the write-in for Social Media so its a big black line for to fill your favorite social media marketing company. That is Little Blog Dress. Little. Blog. Dress. It is on the right hand side all the way down near the bottom. So, take a second to vote, and if you have a business...I will be sure to do the same! You can click here to get started.

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