The Rules of Engagement

Lately I have been on both ends of practicing what you preach when it comes to listening to what your customers have to say. I am a little obsessed with online reviews, what people are saying about other brands and how they respond to it. Anyone that is under my umbrella, I make sure that I consistently use whatever platform necessary to ensure that if they are being talking about (positively or negatively), we are on it. We address it and thank or we address it and fix. Out of the all the things that I promote, I feel that this step is most important.

People want to feel that they are heard whether they have a praise or a problem. In today's world, it is so easy to find a platform and address your issue positively or negatively. Don't you want to be on top of this if your business is the topic at hand?? I think this makes a huge difference in the way you conduct business. Its thrilling to write about Lush LTD, the Setai in Miami and Patsy's NYC and within hours they are on it, thanking you. It makes me want to tell everyone I know!! Scream it from the rooftops, these people get it! They actually care about the people that engage with their brand!!

Not so thrilling, the THREE companies I contacted (a fitness center, an organic food buying club, and a clothing line) this week looking to be a customer with no response via email. I get that there are companies that actually do not know how to use the Twitter account they set up...but an email from a potential customer looking for more information to buy your product and you aren't gonna respond?? Business is that good??

Maybe its the Italian in me, but these things I don't soon forget. Today, I said no to my poor friend's birthday request because it was a restaurant whose owner screamed at me to get out years ago because I asked to make an appointment with them about advertising. So why would I give them the privilege of being a patron, even after all this time? As one wise woman once told me, at the end of the day even if we don't do business together, I will still be a customer. If you are not a jerkasaurus.

You can have the best product, but if you don't have the service or the engagement to back it will lose.

By the way, this week's big winner? The Philadelphia Beer Man who lets you tweet him from your seat at the ballpark to order your cold beverage.

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