How GroupMe Made Me A Better Girlfriend

Well, my Iphone fell off the table and shattered last week. I feel like I lost an old friend. Kind of silly, but I really liked my old phone...I had it for a record two years. Previously, I had owned every new phone within a six month trend. And this was my first relationship with the Iphone after I have broken off all connections with my beloved Blackberry. The only thing that lacked in my new relationship was Blackberry Messenger. I really liked the BBM. Up till now, there was no suitable alternative that would push messages to my Iphone. Applications be darned, they had nothing.

Then came along GroupMe.

According to this great review, GroupMe is a free service that facilitates group texting, or SMS, and allows users to maintain relationships in clusters as well as one-to-one communications. Download the app (it's available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry), join a group of friends or colleagues, and you can easily broadcast text messages to your group. 

I was instantly attracted to the ease of it, you could download the app or use it the more traditional Group Texting ways. It also didn't matter what kind of phone you had, from the newest of Droids to the slowest of Speak and Spells, GroupMe welcomed you. 

My friend's phone 

What was also cool, is that with one touch of a button it initiates a conference call. You also can have some fun with it, you can enter your location and you can easily share pictures.

But, what I find most interesting is how this form of communication can really strengthen the bond between you and your girlfriends. I have four girlfriends that are members of the Junior League with me. These girls and I have always been friendly and have done movie dates and are the best happy hour companion a girl could want. We come from all stages of relationships, two married, one live in boyfriend, one almost engaged and one astonishingly single (as she is the greatest). Our work lives are different and our schedules are different but the five of us have formed a connection started by the Junior League ...but incredibly strengthened by GroupMe. After a little coaxing, I got everyone on board to connect this way...three Iphones, One Blackberry and One Speak and Spell (who just upgraded to an Iphone woohoo!).

Initially, it was to coordinate our first Happy Hour, but it became quick to what girlfriends look for: an outlet of support. I can say that I know these four girls a lot better thanks to our back and forth banter, whether it is to commiserate on an issue or just a shout out from one of us that we need a little extra luck for our day, the application has some surprising benefits.

The application can be downloaded from the Appstore here. Try it, make new connections and let me know what you think! Pin It

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