How Using Twitter For Customer Service Has Saved My Sanity

A running joke with my friends is that if there is a waitress that has had a bad day, she will be our waitress. To say I'm a glutton for bad service is an understatement. I really don't know why, I swear I don't invite it, it just happens. On a national level, having taken these experiences in consideration...I have become quite the letter writer when I feel my customer service isn't up to par. Just to make you (me) feel better, I am also extremely quick to give praise in writing when it is due. Some companies are good at listening to their customer's "concerns" (Delta)...others have never really had that area nailed down. In today's modern age, the companies that are going to have the most success are the ones who have embraced social media properly. For my company, Little Blog Dress, each client whose social media I handle has search parameters set up in order to engage with a customer who mentions their business or brand. If someone is eating at one of my restaurants...I ask them how their meal is, for example. Yes, it is a little super stalker but I feel it makes a difference. But how are national brands handling this new electronic world? Ann Taylor Loft, Lush and Patsy's NYC have thanked me for my accolades (see I am not that terrible)on Twitter, but what happens when I have a valid complaint? Because I have now taken my letter writing skills of old and modernized my concerns to 140 characters or less on Twitter. I want to know who has what it takes to make cranky me happy!
For what it lacks in pitiful foreign customer service, Dell (@dell cares) makes up for in it's supreme Twitter efforts. Jet Blue (@JetBlue)gets my lifelong dedication, as via Twitter during a Nor'easter they fixed my uncle in two seconds flat. There was a two hour phone wait!! The Sak, has wonderful phone customer service, but why have a Twitter account if you aren't gonna respond to me when I want advice on who to contact when my bag broke after two weeks? No response to a question on Twitter about your brand? Shame on you! Twitter, as you know, is wonderful once you understand the benefits. It is a great way to get your customer service issues resolved with just a flick of the wrist. It's worth the effort and I hope all over companies follow suit. Wondering what success/epic fail stories you have using social media for customer service? Pin It

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