Facebook Holds Its Own Version Of Amnesty Day

This week, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Facebook has enabled a one click merge from  putting your business in a no-no Facebook account to a right like rain Facebook Business Fan Page. Owning a social media business, I am red-faced to admit to you that My business Facebook Page was disguised as a Facebook account!

I. Know.

But in my humble defense, when I first started this business having a Facebook Fan Page didn't really have that big allure.  There was really no benefit to having one. Most importantly, how was I to make people become my friend with a boring fan page!! Thankfully, with analytics and tons of special features... they have come a long way!

In the meantime, having LBD as a Facebook account has hurt me. I haven't utilized my own Facebook efforts to its own capacity...how embarrassing! It wasn't sensible to manage my own personal page and then manage the LBD one to the best of its ability. Not to mention the Catholic guilt I have to endure when I illegally log in to my LBD account when I wished there was a way to make it on the up and up.

This week, although they haven't marketed it this way Facebook gave me a chance to stop being the biggest hypocrite on the planet. One click of the button and yes, I did lose the content on my wall (that I can rebuild)-I now have a normal Fan Page!

So now go be a fan, and I will go about my day breathing in and out a little easier!! And Rebuilding....

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