News 360 is a News Junkie Dream

I swear I should have a whole separate category for these instances when I find something that just blows me away. I think I found this Ipad application when I was in the App Store. It comes at a timely manner as I have had a love/hate relationship with my Ipad. Yes, I love it especially with the addition of my AT&T MyFi present, but to be was really more of a novelty, than a necessity. Kind of cool to get online at any time, read books, check email, watch movies, etc...but was I really getting the best business use of this toy?

That all changes today.

I have yet to really find a news source in an application that wowed me. Yes, I can go to the different news sites and blogs that interested me, but surely Apple could come to the plate with something better...right?

Introducing News360, an application (FREE mind you) that has just about every piece of news you can imagine in a clean format that is easy to read, navigate and manage. 

 According to the website, News 360 features:

Aggregates thousands of news sources for coverage from all points of view
Excellent presentation and reading experience optimized for the mobile screen.
Tracks your favorite news objects across all sources using our sophisticated algorithms.
Delivers local and personalized news the more you read — the smarter it gets.
Quickly share interesting stories with your peers via email, facebook or twitter.

What I liked about this, is that there was no down time and no bumps when you click to read the full story, you can connect to Facebook and it will pull your interests (based on your pages) and add it to your feed. Its pretty fascinating and I would love if you check it out and let me know what you think! 

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