Congrats Grey's. You set the social media bar.

What did we do before DVR? I guess it has its pros and cons. Everyone is well aware of the the benefits of never missing your favorite show. I guess the only con I can see is the whole structure of Thursday night TV is a memory. My children will never know of the plans that were made surrounding the Thursday night lineup, for example.
This is my way of apologizing to you that I am two whole days behind writing about how fantastic Grey's Anatomy was from a social media perspective this week. I am blown away. I read on my bible Mashable that Grey's Anatomy had an interactive application to watch its episode. The first episode was this week. Basically, I launched the app and it synced with the TV and for sixty glorious minutes it gave me a little bit more insight on the direction, the music and the background of the episode. You had a chance to take polls, share your opinion on Facebook and Twitter, claim badges and more. This is beyond all my little nerdy butt head could handle. I mean this is beyond! What if all of television follows suit? I may never leave my house again. You really had a backstage pass to what was now more than a tv show, it was now an event.
One of the things I loved is that I had immediate access to what songs were playing at the time that they were playing. Instead of googling or scrambling at the end, this interactive app gave you information on the song and the artist as well as a little insight as to why this song was picked for this certain moment! Are you kidding me?? This is wonderful!
Lastly, what I really enjoyed is how they approached the whole Twittering subject as a whole. I think they did a really amazing job capturing the feeling you and I  felt the first time we really understood how beneficial Twitter was to interact with others who had similar interests. I don't have the luxury of living in an area that really gets the whole awesomeness of all that is Twitter but we will get there. It was just to cool to see an honest portrayal, an AHA moment of how cool the Twitter thing can be!
Currently, thanks to the show I am thoroughly enjoying the amazing sounds of Brooke Waggoner. A true win win win win for all parties involved. Now if I can only talk to Grey's to stop messing with Lexie and Mark....

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