It's called Social Media for a Reason...

Lately, I am a little unnerved at the lack of etiquette I have seen in social media. It just seems like anything goes and there are no polite guidelines to take heed. There is a couple of things I have noticed:

1. Life long lessons also apply here. Remember growing up, you were taught it was impolite to talk about religion and politics? Why is posting on Facebook any different? I went to Catholic school and have seen a church or two in my day but I take it with grace and eloquence. I would never think to talk about God, or Buddha or anything else you believe in with the public without their permission. Its just not polite. And did you really just Praise God that your daughter scored a soccer goal? Seriously?

2.Tagging multiple people in an image that is not a photo. Do not tag me in a photo that I am not in. I can not believe that grown men and women are tagging me in an image that I am not in! Like this:

This photo was tagged with about 15 other people. So, this is head in your hands aggravating for 15 reasons:

1. Its stupid unless you are 6.
2. If anyone is equally as stupid to comment on it, I will get notified. 
3. See number #1
4. 12 other reasons along the same lines.

3. Liking your own status or your business's fan page status. So I am gonna write a status. And I think so highly of myself, I am gonna like it. It just doesn't make any sense to me. Also, liking your own business is pompous. We all are happy to own our own businesses but lines must be drawn!

I know this sounds like a cranky rant, but I am wondering what bugs you about people's lack of decorum on social media? What are your thoughts? Pin It

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